Our Vision

A sustainable people-driven system that strives to provide a positive experience for all.

Our Commitments

We will embrace change to enrich the lives of citizens and put community health outcomes first

We will create relationships based on trust and commit organizational resources towards collective improvement

We will deliver evidence-based, fiscally responsible and sustainable care

We will pursue opportunities to eliminate gaps, duplication and provide optimal care

People will partner together for effective decision-making

What is an Ontario Health Team?

An Ontario Health Team is a new service delivery model designed to integrate care delivery and funding, which will enable patients, families, communities, providers, and system leaders to better work together, innovate, and build on what is best in Ontario’s health care system. The goal is to provide better, more connected care across the province.

Ontario Health Teams are groups of providers and organizations that are clinically and fiscally accountable for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined geographic population.

Under the Ontario Health Team model, patients, families, caregivers, and health care providers will more actively shape how local health care services are delivered and managed. The approach will make it easier for local health care providers to partner and deliver high-quality, coordinated care for their patients and their communities.

The Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team Journey

Feb 2019

Province passes legislation to establish Ontario Health Teams

May 2019

Over 60 health care providers in Huron, Perth & Area collaborate to submit an application to become an OHT region. 

Dec 2019

HPA-OHT approved as one of the first 24 OHTs in the province. 


Established accountability and

governance structure, created collaboration agreement,

established Secretariat and focused on priority populations. 

Patient/Family/Caregiver Leadership Council created and have an

active Physician Advisory Council 


Growing OHT membership,

one of five project sites in province for advancing

spoke-hub-node model of care for heart failure, and 

commenced strategic plan development

To see our full membership list, click here.

Our Accountability Structure

Click the image below to view PDF version of the Accountability Structure | Accessible Alternative Format Coming Soon.