This collection of resources is intended to aid in the understanding, diagnosis, and comprehensive care of heart failure patients.

Helpful Heart Failure Links

Deepen your understanding and refine your clinical approach:

Program Navigation Support

Optimize your clinical practice:

  • EMR Forms: For seamless care coordination, please utilize forms embedded within your institution’s Electronic Medical Record system whenever possible.
  • Referral Forms: Access TelehomeCare, Community Paramedicine for Huron and Perth (available only on EMR), and Huron-Perth Heart Failure Program referral forms (available only on EMR), ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care.
  • Model of Care: Learn about the Hub-Spoke Node Model of Care for a collaborative approach in managing heart failure.
  • Patient Handouts: Provide your patients with informative handouts on Advanced Care Planning.

Heart Failure Medication Education

Enhance your prescribing practices:

Heart Failure Guidelines

Stay informed with current standards: