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Hospice Palliative Care Ontario's Person-Centred Decision-Making e-Learning Module Event Organized By: Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Sector:Palliative Care

Event Details

An enriching online training opportunity designed to elevate the competencies of clinicians in health care consent, advance care planning, and goals of care conversations. This course, offered by Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, is meticulously crafted to broaden knowledge and attitudes toward patient-centred care and refine clinical skills essential for engaging in meaningful conversations with patients at various stages of care.

Interactive Online Learning

Participants will be immersed in an engaging learning environment featuring:

  • Interactive Case Scenarios: Tackle real-world challenges through interactive learning.
  • Reflective Questions: Engage in thought-provoking questions that encourage deeper understanding.
  • Authentic Videos: Learn from both simulated and genuine clinical encounters.

Comprehensive Course Format

The course is structured into five self-directed online modules, each culminating in a quiz to assess understanding. The modules cover critical topics, including:

  1. Initiating Advance Care Planning conversations with well patients.
  2. Conducting Advance Care Planning with patients who are stable yet seriously ill.
  3. Engaging in Goals of Care discussions with patients who are unstable and seriously ill.
  4. Understanding the clinician’s role in Advance Care Planning, Goals of Care discussions, and consent.
  5. Managing Goals of Care and consent discussions with patients who are critically ill and rapidly deteriorating.

Who Should Attend

This training is designed for an Interprofessional audience, aiming to unify various healthcare professionals under the common goal of enhancing patient-centred care.

Registration Details

  • Course Fee: $50 (plus applicable taxes).


On Demand (2024)


Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario is a provincial association of hospices and palliative care providers, professionals, and volunteers throughout Ontario. HPCO envisions a future where every person and family in the province of Ontario can quickly and easily access the finest standard of hospice palliative care when required.