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Streamlined Communication with Ocean Patient Messaging

Exciting news for clinics using Ocean Patient Messaging! OceanMD has announced an update that empowers your entire team to connect with patients more quickly and efficiently.

Starting now, all Clinic Support Staff can send secure messages to patients directly through Ocean Patient Messaging. This includes users with roles like MOA/Secretary, Administrator, Nurse, Resident, Medical Student, and Physician Assistant.

No extra configurations or costs. If your site has at least one active Patient Messaging and Reminders License, your support staff can jump in and start communicating securely with patients.

This means:

  • Improved Teamwork: Your entire team can collaborate effectively to answer patient questions, confirm appointments, and share important information.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients can conveniently and securely connect with your clinic, leading to increased satisfaction and better outcomes.
  • Simplified Workflows: Streamline communication and free up valuable time for your clinical staff.

Please note: This update applies only to clinics using Ocean Patient Messaging.

Ready to experience the benefits of this enhanced communication? Contact our Manager of Integrated Care, Victoria Warwick, today to learn more about how Ocean Patient Messaging can empower your clinic.

Upgrade your communication, enhance your patient experience, and simplify your workflows.