Empowering Our Healthcare Workforce through Recruitment, Retention, and Well-Being Initiatives

The third strategic priority at HPA-OHT is to revitalize our workforce, recognizing that the strength of our healthcare system lies in the dedication and expertise of our staff. We aim to ignite robust recruitment and retention strategies while promoting well-being, leadership, and workforce integration.

Three-Year Outcomes

  1. Enhanced Workforce Recruitment and Retention

    • 2023: Identify and address barriers to integrated workforce planning.
    • 2023-2024: Develop a regional workforce strategy focused on capacity building and succession planning to meet future healthcare demands.
    • 2023: Implement the Ontario Health equity framework to tackle health inequalities and systemic racism.
  2. Increased Equity Across Sectors

    • 2024: Foster equitable employment practices across all sectors within our healthcare system.

Matrix Elements Supporting Our Strategic Priority

  • Equity & Reconciliation
    Leading the advancement of Ontario Health’s health equity framework to ensure fairness and inclusivity in our workforce.

  • Relationships, Generosity & Innovation
    Strengthening bonds with frontline providers and leadership through training opportunities and well-being initiatives.

  • Citizen Voice
    Engaging citizens to contribute their perspectives and ideas to our staff recruitment and retention strategies.

  • Communication & Engagement
    Developing a cohesive communication strategy to attract a diverse range of talent, including experienced professionals and volunteers.

  • Technology & Digital Strategies
    Supporting the creation of a centralized digital repository for training and development resources.

Our commitment to revitalizing the HPA-OHT workforce is a testament to our belief that a skilled, diverse, and well-supported staff is fundamental to delivering exceptional healthcare services. By focusing on innovative recruitment and retention strategies, fostering an equitable work environment, and embracing technology and digital tools, we are poised to build a resilient and dynamic healthcare workforce. Together, we will continue to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring that our team is equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.