Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility and Integration for a Healthier Community

At HPA-OHT, our foremost strategic priority is to optimize access and integrate care within our healthcare system. Our commitment is to ensure that every individual receives the right care, at the right time, and from the right provider. This vision is structured around a three-year plan, focusing on tangible outcomes and progressive steps.

Three-Year Outcomes

  1. Increased Access to Primary and Community Care Services

    • 2023: Explore and enhance existing primary care entry points for new patients, ensuring access to primary care providers and allied health professionals for comprehensive needs.
    • 2023/2024: Expand access to community care services, addressing the evolving healthcare needs of our community.
    • 2024: Identify and harness opportunities to guarantee equitable access to all healthcare services.
  2. Integrated and Simplified Access Across Sectors

    • 2023: Set long-term objectives to improve the Heart Failure model of care.
    • 2024: Implement clinical care pathways for critical health issues like stroke, diabetes, COPD, and heart failure.
    • 2023: Enhance palliative care, mental health & addiction services, and digital healthcare solutions.
    • 2023: Design a stepped care model for mental health and addiction.
    • 2024: Collaborate to identify and resolve systemic barriers at various access points.
  3. Increased Use of Digital Tools for Enhanced Access

    • 2023: Develop and execute the HPA-OHT Digital Roadmap.
    • 2024: Coordinate advancing and integrating digital health tools across sectors for better accessibility and efficiency.

Matrix Elements Supporting Our Strategic Priority

  • Equity & Reconciliation
    Embedding health equity in primary care, single point of access, and digital tools to ensure fair and inclusive healthcare services.

  • Relationships, Generosity & Innovation
    Cultivating trust and relationships to inspire innovative solutions that transform the healthcare system.

  • Citizen Voice
    Creating platforms for citizen engagement to inform and shape primary care, access points, and digital tool development.

  • Communication & Engagement
    Developing a comprehensive communication strategy to involve citizens in the enhancement of primary care, access points and digital initiatives.

  • Technology & Digital Strategies
    Leading the adoption of digital tools to revolutionize access and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

As we embark on this journey to reshape healthcare in our community, our focus remains steadfast on these strategic priorities. We are committed to working collaboratively, ensuring that our actions are guided by the principles of equity, innovation, and community engagement. Together, we will create a healthcare system that truly reflects the needs and voices of our citizens.