Strengthening Collaborative Frameworks for Enhanced Healthcare Delivery

The fourth and final strategic priority for HPA-OHT is to advance our model through strengthened collaboration, robust organizational structure, and efficient systems and processes. This priority is focused on building a cohesive, effective, and innovative structure that enhances the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.

Three-Year Outcomes

  1. Establishment of a Strong Non-Profit Structure

    • 2024: Establish a not-for-profit corporation for HPA-OHT with effective governance.
    • 2023: Expand engagement and foster relationships among healthcare providers.
    • 2024: Engage in co-design with citizens through the Patient/Family/Caregiver Advisory Council.
    • 2023: Broaden the HPA-OHT membership and strategic partnerships.
    • 2024: Collaborate with HPA-OHT members, partners, citizens, and physicians to progress the OHT model.
  2. Enhanced Cross-Sector Integration

    • 2023: Facilitate opportunities for the Joint Accreditation initiative.
    • 2023: Encourage engagement with Communities of Practice.

Matrix Elements Supporting Our Strategic Priority

  • Equity & Reconciliation Utilizing evaluation tools that integrate the Health Equity Framework to ensure equitable initiatives.

  • Relationships, Generosity & Innovation Emphasizing positive relationship building and fostering trust, particularly as the OHT becomes more structured. Trust and generosity are foundational to our work and require continuous nurturing.

  • Citizen Voice Creating opportunities for citizen involvement in the co-design of organizational structures.

  • Communication & Engagement Developing a communication strategy that highlights successes and shared outcomes, fostering a sense of community and accomplishment.

  • Technology & Digital Strategies Advocating for increased system integration through the use of technology and digital resources.

As we advance the HPA-OHT model, we focus on creating a strong, integrated, and responsive healthcare system. By establishing a robust non-profit structure, enhancing cross-sector integration, and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, we are laying the groundwork for a future where healthcare is more accessible, equitable, and efficient. Through these efforts, we aim to set a new standard for healthcare delivery that is deeply rooted in community engagement, technological innovation, and a commitment to excellence.