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OHT Members commit to working together through the HPA-OHT towards common goals related to improved health outcomes, patient/client/resident and provider experience, value and with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The shared vision of the HPA-OHT is to establish a sustainable people-driven system that strives to provide a positive experience for all. OHT Members commit to:

  1. embrace change to enrich the lives of citizens and put community health outcomes first;
  2. create relationships based on trust and commit organizational resources towards collective improvement;
  3. deliver evidence-based, fiscally responsible and sustainable care;
  4. pursue opportunities to eliminate gaps, duplication and provide optimal care;
  5. advance diversity, equity and inclusion; and
  6. partner together for effective decision-making. actively support the plans and priorities of the HPA-OHT;


Collaborating Partners

Are organizations who desire to collaborate, affiliate and/or coordinate services with the HPA-OHT but who are not OHT Members. Collaborating Partners shall actively support the plans and priorities of the HPA-OHT and provide input to the HPA-OHT when requested.  Collaborating Partners may be engaged by the HPA-OHT from time to time on matters related to integration and coordination of care.

The Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team Journey

Feb 2019

Province passes legislation to establish Ontario Health Teams

May 2019

Over 60 health care providers in Huron, Perth & Area collaborate to submit an application to become an OHT region. 

Dec 2019

HPA-OHT approved as one of the first 24 OHTs in the province. 


Established accountability and

governance structure, created collaboration agreement,

established Secretariat and focused on priority populations. 

Patient/Family/Caregiver Leadership Council created and have an

active Physician Advisory Council 


Growing OHT membership,

one of five project sites in province for advancing

spoke-hub-node model of care for heart failure, and 

commenced strategic plan development

Our Accountability Structure

Click the image below to view PDF version of the Accountability Structure | Accessible Alternative Format Coming Soon.