In 2021, the HPA-OHT Patient Family and Caregiver Advisory Council developed a Framework to strengthen engagement with patients, families and caregivers. 

The HPA-OHT is currently recruiting patient, family and caregiver (PFC) representatives to support the work of the HPA-OHT. 

Want to help spread the word about our PFC recruitment? Download our recruitment poster. 

There are several focus areas that may be of interest to you, they are:

  • Digital Advisory Working Group
  • Communications Advisory Council
  • Decision Support Working Group
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Indigenous Reconciliation Advisory Council
  • Mental Health and Addiction Working Group
  • Congestive Heart Failure Working Group
  • Infection Prevention and Control Working Group
  • Hyper Care Working Group

These roles may require the following;

  • Up to 30 hours a year of time.
  • In-person or virtual meeting participation during regular business hours.
  • Reading, co-writing and reviewing documents.
  • Digital work may require:
    • Engaging via phone, email or online,
    • This work is virtual and can be done anytime of the day, allows for flexibility.
    • There may be an in-person meeting or events.
    •  Engage at your convenience in your personal and/or work life, offers a connection to patients who are experiencing vulnerabilities. (e.g. impact story sharing) 


For more information please email