To effectively populate the stakeholder information section of our PFAC Program Plan, we kindly request all PFC representatives to complete the PFC Rep Information Survey. This survey is designed to gather essential details about our PFC members, including your experiences, interests, and areas of expertise.

What is your current or most recent occupation? Please describe your role. How do you feel your professional experience contributes to your perspective as a council member?
Please describe your experience(s) with the healthcare system, either as a patient, family member, caregiver, or healthcare professional.
Are you involved with any community groups or activities outside of the HPA-OHT? If so, please describe. How do these activities impact your view or participation in the Patient, Family, Caregivers Advisory Council?
What motivated you to join the Patient, Family, Caregivers Advisory Council? What unique perspectives or experiences do you hope to bring to the council? Are there any specific areas within the HPA-OHT's scope you are particularly passionate about (e.g., improving patient and caregiver experience, enhancing health equity)?
Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself that you believe is pertinent to your role on the council?