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Member Spotlight: Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth

About the Organization

The Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth, proudly supported by the Stratford Perth Hospice Foundation, serves as a cornerstone of comfort and care in the Huron Perth & Area region. This vital facility opened on June 22, 2019, introducing a much-needed alternative to institutional care facilities and standard home care for palliative patients and their families.


The mission of the Rotary Hospice is to provide a serene and supportive environment for individuals facing end-of-life and their families. The hospice ensures that those at the most critical phase of their life journey are given dignity, respect, and the highest quality of care possible.

Services Provided

Rotary Hospice offers a homelike setting where patients receive 24-hour specialized palliative care. The facility is designed to feel peaceful and comfortable, helping to ease the emotional and physical burdens patients and their families face.

In addition to direct care, the hospice serves as a community hub for palliative care resources, support, and information. It connects various expertise and support services across the region, ensuring comprehensive care that extends beyond the hospice walls. Whether an individual is in their own home or at the hospice, Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth strives to provide unwavering support and comfort.

Impact and Community Involvement

Since its inception, Rotary Hospice has significantly impacted the Huron Perth community by filling a crucial gap in end-of-life care. The support from the community, in turn, has been instrumental in sustaining and expanding the services offered by the hospice. Continuous community involvement and donations ensure that the hospice can maintain its critical role in the lives of many families during their most challenging times.

Support and Donations

As a charitable organization, the Rotary Hospice relies on the generosity of its community members to continue providing exceptional care and support services. Contributions not only help in day-to-day operations but also bolster the hospice’s capacity to serve as a comprehensive resource for palliative care.

Get Involved

To learn more about the Rotary Hospice Stratford Perth, how you can contribute, or ways to get involved with supporting palliative care in Huron Perth, please visit their website or contact their support team. Together, we can ensure that every individual and family journeying through end-of-life receives the compassion, respect, and support they deserve.