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HPA-OHT Member Spotlight: Dale Brain Injury Services Building Independence, One Step at a Time

Imagine a patient regaining control of their life after a brain injury. Thanks to Dale Brain Injury Services (DBIS), this individual is not only walking again but also rebuilding strength and confidence. DBIS supports adults who have had an acquired brain injury, including stroke survivors, empowering individuals and families through comprehensive community-based services.

Why It Matters

Supporting organizations like DBIS benefits your healthcare facility by ensuring smoother transitions from hospital to home, reducing readmissions, and improving patient outcomes. Partnering with DBIS can enhance your facility’s capacity to provide comprehensive care.

Call to Action

  • Educate Your Team: Inform your staff about DBIS’s services and how to refer patients.
  • Collaborate on Discharge Plans: Integrate DBIS into your discharge planning to ensure patients have access to necessary community services.
  • Promote Awareness: Share information about DBIS with patients and families during their hospital stay.

Dig Deeper

DBIS provides wrap-around supports to clients and their caregivers at any point in their recovery journey. This includes service coordination, system navigation, a seamless transition experience from hospital, short-term case management, independence training, quality of life supports, and connections to other community resources.

Using the WIM framework (Wellness, Interpersonal Skills, and Meaningful Activities), DBIS’s client-centered services create personalized plans that include therapy, support groups, and programs to help clients with daily tasks.

Impact Beyond Individuals

DBIS plays a crucial role in supporting hospital discharge and community stabilization. They connect clients with essential services like transportation, Meals on Wheels, and home help, improving well-being and reducing hospital readmissions. One notable success was transitioning a client from hospital to home, linking them to other services, providing skills training, and building their capacity to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live independently.

Overcoming Challenges, Celebrating Successes

Operating across a vast area, DBIS faces resource limitations, especially in rural communities. Despite these challenges, they achieve remarkable success in enhancing clients’ quality of life and reducing doctor visits.

Building a Brighter Future

DBIS is committed to continuous improvement. They aim to decrease wait times, expand caregiver support services, and foster partnerships to address ongoing challenges. They also provide education and training to empower individuals, families, and service providers.

Collaboration Within HPA-OHT Network

As an active member of the HPA-OHT network, DBIS participates in Navigation Table meetings to share and learn about new initiatives, best practices, and resources. This collaboration enhances connections with other service providers, leading to more seamless and coordinated care for clients.