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Member Organization Spotlight: West Perth Village

West Perth Village, located in the tranquil setting of Mitchell, Ontario, is a cornerstone of our collaborative efforts within the Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team (HPA-OHT) as one of eight long-term care homes in the network. Since its establishment in 1974 as the Ritz Lutheran Villa, West Perth Village has exemplified dedication to senior care, continuously evolving to meet the needs of its residents through a commitment to quality and community engagement.

Joint Accreditation Achievement

West Perth Village recently played a key role in our ten-organization accreditation collaborative, achieving exemplary standing in a historic joint accreditation effort. This collective accomplishment underscores the strength and unity of our network and highlights our shared commitment to excellence in healthcare services.

Integrated Decision Support Contributor

West Perth Village is one of two long-term care homes within the HPA-OHT that contribute their data to the Integrated Decision Support (IDS) system. This involvement enhances our collective ability to make data-driven decisions and improve care outcomes across the region.

Shared Vision and Mission

West Perth Village aligns seamlessly with the HPA-OHT’s vision of integrated, people-centred care. Their mission to deliver enriched, high-quality services by empowered team members complements our overarching goal of improving health outcomes across Huron Perth & Area.

Core Values in Practice

West Perth Village embodies the core values that drive the HPA-OHT:

  • Integrity: Building honest and fair relationships within the community.
  • Teamwork: Enhancing collaborative efforts to reach collective potential.
  • Customer Focus: Prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of residents.
  • Excellence: Committing to continuous quality improvement.
  • Innovation: Leveraging innovative solutions to elevate care standards.
  • Safety: Ensuring a secure and welcoming environment for all residents.

Contributions to Integrated Care

West Perth Village’s comprehensive services, including their state-of-the-art Class A facility with 128 long-term care beds and various independent living options, are integral to our network’s capacity to provide diverse and flexible care solutions. Their proactive approach to community outreach through the Mitchell and Area Community Outreach program further extends our collective impact, supporting seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those recuperating from illness to live independently.

A Model for Collaborative Success

Integrating West Perth Village within the HPA-OHT framework exemplifies our collaborative spirit and shared dedication to people-centred care. Their achievements and ongoing commitment to care excellence enhance the overall quality and reach of regional health services, benefiting the broader Huron Perth community.

Visit West Perth Village’s website to learn more about how it contributes to our integrated healthcare network and stay updated about our collaborative initiatives.