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HSPN Webinar Recap: Advancing Health Systems Through a Learning Health System Approach

Hosted by: Health System Performance Network (HSPN)

In a recent webinar, the Health System Performance Network (HSPN) delved into the Learning Health System (LHS) approach, which merges research with healthcare operations to enhance population health, health equity, patient experiences, workforce sustainability, and affordability.

Why It Matters:

The adoption of the LHS approach is crucial for health organizations aiming to quickly and effectively implement evidence-based practices. By understanding and applying the LHS Action Framework, organizations can respond more adeptly to the evolving demands of healthcare and pressing health challenges.

Key Insights:

  • LHS Action Framework: The session introduced the framework that illustrates the essential linkage between research and healthcare operations within an LHS. This framework serves as a roadmap for applying strategies that improve population health and health equity.
  • Expert Panel Discussion: Experts Maureen Smith, Rob Reid, and Walter Wodchis discussed the transformative potential of the LHS approach in enhancing health system performance.

Covered Topics:

  1. Patient care strategies for defined populations.
  2. Integration of digital health tools.
  3. Leadership roles and governance models that support ongoing learning and improvement.
  4. Funding mechanisms that encourage sustainable enhancements in health systems.

Target Audience:

This webinar is essential for broader health system partners, including:

  • Leaders in cohorts 1 through 4 and in-development teams.
  • Various health system roles such as Communications, cQIP, Decision-support, and more, particularly those in executive or administrative capacities.


Watch the full video below for a comprehensive understanding of how the LHS approach can revolutionize operations and outcomes.

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