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Call 811(TTY: 1-866-797-0007)


Health811: Ontario’s Digital Front Door for Healthcare

Why it Matters

Promoting Health811 can reduce unnecessary ER visits and streamline patient care, preserving hospital capacity for critical cases. This service enhances patient satisfaction and optimizes resource use.

Call to Action

Help spread the word about Health811 to your patients/clients/residents. Inform them about this 24/7 resource for health advice and service navigation. Share materials in your clinics, waiting areas, and on your website.

Dig Deeper

Health811: Key Features

  • Access to Health Professionals: Patients can connect with registered nurses, dieticians, lactation consultants, and smoking cessation coaches.
  • Health Advice and Mental Health Information: Offer non-emergency health advice and mental health support through calls or online chat.
  • Symptom Assessment Tool: An AI-driven tool guides patients through symptom checks, suggesting possible causes and care options.
  • Find a Service: Help patients find health services and providers by keyword, specialty, or location.
  • Medical Library: Provide access to vetted information on conditions, symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

Telephone Support Features:

Patients can call 811 (TTY: 1-866-797-0007) for 24/7 assistance from qualified health professionals, available in English, French, and over 200 other languages, including Indigenous languages. Calls to Telehealth Ontario are redirected to Health811.

Subprograms Available via Health811:

  • ColonCancerCheck Program: Access colorectal cancer screening information and request FIT kits.
  • Dietitian Counselling Services: Schedule appointments with dietitians for nutrition advice.
  • Health Care Connect: Assistance in finding a family physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Refugee HealthLine: Connect refugees with transitional health care and support services.

Action Steps for Leaders

  • Educate Your Team: Ensure all staff members know Health811 and can guide patients on how to use it.
  • Distribute Materials: Place Health811 flyers and posters in patient areas and include information in discharge papers.
  • Leverage Digital Channels: Promote Health811 on your organization’s website and social media platforms.
  • Patient Communication: Include Health811 information in newsletters, emails, and appointment reminders.

By championing Health811, you enhance patient care, reduce unnecessary hospital visits, and ensure efficient use of healthcare resources.