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Connected Care Update: Ontario Officially Launches Ontario Health atHome

Why it matters

This is a key development in Ontario’s healthcare system aimed at improving home care services by creating a more streamlined and connected approach. It affects patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers across the province.

Next steps

Stay informed about the changes and understand how Ontario Health atHome will operate to ensure a smooth transition. If you are a healthcare provider or patient, prepare for the integration process.

Dig Deeper

What’s happening: The Ontario government is set to launch a new Crown agency, Ontario Health atHome, to modernize and centralize home care services. This marks a significant step in the “Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care” initiative.

Key points

  • Launch Date: June 28, 2024
  • Structure: Ontario Health atHome will merge the 14 Home and Community Care Support Services organizations into one entity.
  • Governance: It will have its own board and CEO, accountable to Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health.
  • Role: It will coordinate home care services, support Ontario Health Teams, and facilitate smoother transitions from hospital or primary care to home care.


  • For Patients: Easier access to necessary services with improved continuity of care.
  • For Caregivers: Assurance that existing services and relationships will remain intact during the transition.
  • For Employees: Automatic transition to the new organization with existing agreements remaining binding.

What to expect

  • Seamless Service: No disruption in current services.
  • Smooth Transition: Continuity in care coordination and service delivery.

Looking forward

The ministry acknowledges the dedication of the home care workforce and emphasizes collaboration with healthcare partners to enhance home care services for all stakeholders involved.

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