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Celebrating Exemplary Standing: HPA-OHT Accreditation Triumph

Summary: We proudly announce that the HPA-OHT Accreditation Collaborative members have been designated Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada. This designation follows a comprehensive week-long survey where surveyors examined our facilities and spoke with leaders, board members, staff, volunteers, and patient, family, and caregiver representatives (PFAC). Our heartfelt thanks go to all member organizations for their tireless efforts. The report highlights exceptional teamwork and areas for improvement—a fantastic step forward.

Why it matters: Achieving Exemplary Standing signifies that our organization meets the highest performance standards set by Accreditation Canada. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to quality care and safety, setting a new benchmark for community-based healthcare.

First in Canada to be accredited as a collaborative, this achievement is not just a milestone—it’s a potentially transformative approach to redefining the region’s healthcare excellence. By joining forces, our member organizations have set new standards in healthcare delivery, showcasing the power of unified efforts in improving service quality and care.

What Exemplary Standing Means: Exemplary Standing designates organizations that exceed in meeting high standards, demonstrating an exemplary commitment to delivering quality care. This continuous journey involves identifying and addressing areas for improvement, seeking opportunities for new services, and maintaining leadership in community care.

Thank You to All Involved, including:

  • 2,475 Employees: The heart of our healthcare, excelling in clinical and support roles.
  • 1,024 Volunteers: The spirit of our service, dedicating time and skills to our community.
  • 71 Sites: The network ensuring accessible care across Huron Perth & Area.

Next steps:

  • Implement Improvements: Follow the recommendations in the Accreditation Canada reports.
  • Join the Effort: If your organization wasn’t involved, review and implement the harmonized policies and consider joining the newly accredited members in the next survey cycle in four years.

From April 21-26, Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team (HPA-OHT) underwent a thorough review by Accreditation Canada. This included assessments across our hospitals, clinics, long-term care, home care, disability, and community support services, including include Alzheimer Society Huron Perth, Clinton Family Health Team, Community Living North Perth, Huron Health System, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, Knollcrest Lodge, Listowel-Wingham & Area Family Health Team, ONE CARE Home and Community Support Services, West Perth Village, and Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team.

Why Accreditation? Accreditation Canada has elevated quality and safety standards in healthcare for over 60 years. This ongoing process benchmarks our services against national excellence standards, recognizing strong practices and pinpointing areas for enhancement.

Survey Process: Peer surveyors evaluated our services against these national standards. We have received the final report.

Community Impact: Accreditation signals our commitment to quality, fostering a stronger, more collaborative network, and guiding continuous improvements that enhance health outcomes for Huron Perth & Area residents.

Let’s continue this journey of excellence and innovation together!