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Accreditation Canada CEO Presents Certificate at HPA-OHT Celebration

Why does it matter?

Our achievement of exemplary standing, recognized by Accreditation Canada CEO Leslee Thompson, is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of all the organizations involved in the first accredited multi-governed collaborative in Canada.

Dig Deeper

Leslee Thompson, CEO of Accreditation Canada, attended the June 12, 2024, celebration of the HPA-OHT Collaborative Accreditation. She congratulated the HPA-OHT Collaborative Accreditation for being the first Ontario Health Team (OHT) and the first multi-governed collaboration in Canada to achieve accreditation with exemplary standing—an exceptional accomplishment.

Following the certificate celebration at Stratford General Hospital, our team enjoyed a picturesque lunch at Tom Patterson Island. This was a moment to reflect on our achievements before heading to site visits at the Alzheimer Society Huron Perth and ONECARE Home & Community Support.

At Alzheimer Society Huron Perth, staff shared insights into their DREAMS program (Dementia Resource Education Advocacy Mentorship), which unites the Alzheimer Society, hospital staff, and Home & Community Care experts to enhance dementia care in emergency departments. The program focuses on behavioural support, resource connection, frontline education, advocacy in action, and personal support, aiming to create a nurturing environment where every dementia patient receives understanding, respect, and the highest standard of care.

Next, we visited ONECARE Home & Community Support, where staff introduced us to the LEGHO program (Let’s Go Home). This initiative provides bundled community support services for hospital discharge and community stabilization, helping clients recover successfully at home and reducing hospital readmissions. Core services include Care Planning, Transportation, Meals on Wheels, and Home Help, ensuring clients have the support needed to regain their strength and independence.

The day concluded back at Stratford General Hospital, where Leslee visited with patient partners in the ICU, further emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and patient-centred care in our healthcare system.

The multi-sector collaboration provided a platform for integrating policies, processes, education, and shared learning. Sectors involved include Community Support Services, Home Care, Hospitals, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Long Term Care, and Primary Care, serving Huron and Perth counties.

During the onsite survey in April, surveyors asked what we aimed to accomplish with the collaborative accreditation. We sought “Wind in
our Sails,” which we achieved through the commitment and dedication of many organizations and individuals. Starting in February 2022, we met regularly with
steering committees, sub-committees, and conducted roadshows to review, understand, improve, and implement Accreditation Canada standards. Key focus
areas were leadership, governance, infection prevention & control (IPAC), medication management, and emergency & disaster management. Each sector had
its specific standards to meet in addition to these core standards, fostering alignment and shared learning across sectors.

The Collaborative Accreditation process led to the development of 20 harmonized policies, all of which are now available for any organization to adopt. Roadshows on IPAC, medication management, and emergency & disaster management brought local experts to the organizations,
providing valuable feedback, posing insightful questions, and engaging in discussions that clarified and deepened their understanding of the standards.
These visits bridged gaps between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

As we continue “Improving Quality Together,” we see this not as an end but as a foundation for ongoing success.

Call to Action

We invite other HPA-OHT organizations to join us in working towards continuous accreditation with Accreditation Canada. We will be expanding the number of HPA-OHT organizations in our collaborative accreditation over the coming years. Details will be shared soon on how your organization can participate. For more information on the Collaborative Accreditation or to get involved, please contact HPA-OHT Project Coordinator Kimberly Van Wyk.