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2024-2027 Ontario Health Team Funding Agreement

 by Joelle Lamport Lewis

OHTs have been tasked with working towards a shared vision of more integrated and better-coordinated care across the province according to the principles of the Quintuple Aim:

  • Enhancing patient experience
  • Improving population health outcomes
  • Enhancing provider experience
  • Improving value
  • Advancing health equity

Furthermore, OHTs are essential in mobilizing their partners to respond to local, regional, and provincial priorities.

The $750,000 funding this Agreement provides will propel the HPA-OHT towards maturity, enabling us to offer our attributed populations a comprehensive continuum of care. For 2024/25, we will focus on Integrated Care through Population Health Management (PHM) and Equity Approaches; System Navigation; Collaborative Leadership, Decision-Making and Governance; Primary Care Engagement and Leadership; Data and Digital.

We eagerly look forward to the June 25th (8:30 am) All Members Meeting, where we will review a complete outline of goals, objectives, and deliverables.